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Samsung's budget phone is filled with smart compromises that keep the price low and the features bountiful. It also looks pretty slick for it's reasonable price. The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G is an all-around good phone with some great features and a few minor and annoying flaws.

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There are four cameras on the rear of the Galaxy A52 5G: A main wide angle camera, an ultrawide camera, a macro camera and a depth camera. On the front is a 6.

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The display is high-refresh rate and can be set to either Hz or 60Hz. It has features that the more expensive Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra lack like: a headphone jack, expandable storage and the inclusion of a wall charger in the box.

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This was take right after the phone came out of the box. Over two months, the matte finish back definitely doesn't look as fresh or new. Most people will inevitably put the phone in a case, so that shouldn't be an issue.

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The phone looks symmetrical with thin bezels around the screen. Many budget phones have a thicker chin under the screen.

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Topping off the display is a slab of Gorilla Glass 5. Beware if you leave your phone screen down on a table and unattended. The coating will make it slide off a seemingly flat surface all on its own. The main camera has optical image stabilization and a megapixel sensor which combines pixels for a 16 megapixel-photo with good detail and brightness. There's a macro camera. And sigh we've seen this from other phone companies. It's not that most people probably won't use a macro camera on a phone, it's that compared to the main camera on the A52 5G, the macro camera isn't great.

It's a well-balance phone in terms of price, features and the smart compromises Samsung made. Sarah TewPatrick Holland July 22,a. It has a plastic back with a nice matte finish. The display is without a doubt the best feature on the phone. The sides are plastic.

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On the right is a volume rocker and power button. On the left is nothing but curved shiny plastic. Photos from the main camera are good. The Galaxy A52 5G has a unified de. More Galleries Nintendo Switch: The 37 best games to play in More Galleries Perseid meteor shower photos shine bright in a dark year 14 Photos. Mazda MX EV has suicide doors and cork interior trim. Redeed Kia Sportage: Movin' on up.

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