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Safe is the new term for unexciting. Without some thrill, life is boring and this holds true even for sex. For a novice, bondage might be unnerving, but with appropriate knowledge he can seek the pleasures of taboo sex.

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This article will guide such novices on exploring the realm of Bondage-Play. People who lead a healthy sex life soon tend to grow weary of the same sexual circumstances. Performing sex using the same positions for endless eons can bondageplay suck the life out of pleasure. Also sex, if practiced regularly, tends to lose its charm due to extreme repetitiveness. This can lead to sexual dissatisfaction, detachment and eventual estrangement in relationships. With a new technique at hand, one stands the risk of losing very little as opposed to gaining knowledge about new experiences.

Bondage-play is a way to gain thrill from the bondageplay of pushing the sexual boundaries of the body. This sexual act gears its impetus from the sensation of physical arousal, in the face of helplessness. The partner is tied with consent and teased using a variety of objects, by stimulating genitalia or by the visual display of sexual affection. The mere thrill will stem from the helplessness of the submissive partner over the acts of sexual domination by the dominant one. While a host of sex toys fit into this play beautifully, sometimes the best technique is just to use hands.

However, one can also seek household alternatives to expensive sex toys. For example, honey can be a stimulating alternative to lube, a feather can work as a stroking tickler and bottles can double up as dildos. Bondageplay key is to establish this relationship by tying up the partner against the bed, and using the toys to sexually tease her into arousal. The idea is not to give in to her desires, but to play with your own, using her naked body as the tool.

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Unfulfilled desires tend to build up towards a greater climax. Following list of items can be used with creativity to achieve sexual fulfilment and to experiment with your bodies. It is imperative to maintain good communication with the partner.

Try not to misconstrue her attempts at making you stop. Chances are that she is not faking it and that it is really making her bondageplay uncomfortable. Be creative with the tools. Nothing is sexier than having your partner moan with satisfaction at your ability to implement the tools to a sexual end. Avoid playing music during bondage bondageplay. When your partner is bound and blindfolded, she is depending on her hearing, to make up for the loss of sight.

Playing music will just mar her senses and catch her unaware at most times. Be graphic in your approach and tell her how she is turning you on. This will excite her further. Bondage is not only a way to push sexual boundaries of pain and pleasure, but if done correctly, can help a couple achieve newer sexual heights. With this knowledge, you are bound to achieve orgasmic success in the bedroom. How to be Romantic with Your Girlfriend. Romantic Things to do for Your Girlfriend. Shop Read. up with us to unlock all features! Better Partner.

Updated on Jul 26,IST. By Sandeep Sharma. Why Bondage Play People who lead a healthy sex life soon tend bondageplay grow weary of the same sexual circumstances.

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How is Bondage-Play Implemented? What Can Be Used? A rope to restrain your partner with. Edible items like honey, melted chocolate and fruit. Massage Oils. Skin friendly lube. Communicate It is imperative to maintain good communication with the partner. Be Creative Be creative bondageplay the tools. No Music Avoid playing music during bondage play. Share this story. What's on your mind? Start a conversation, not a fire. Post with kindness. Post Comment. Please review and accept these changes below to continue using the website.

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Bondage Play - All You Need To Know