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Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Each of our games has a NSFW DLC available, which installs a new mode in your game on Steam and allows you to play an uncensored hentai adult version of the game. The Crush Crush DLC comes with lots of bonus artwork, sexy scenes, fully voice-acted steamy dialogue, and a "lingerie" and "birthday suit" outfit for each of the ladies.

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Note: outfits are wearable at Lover level! The Blush Blush DLC includes lots of bonus artwork, sexy scenes, steamy dialogue voiced if you have the voice bundleand a "birthday suit" outfit for each of the guys. The Cabin Fever DLC offers alternate and bonus illustrations, plus an in-depth sexy scene with steamy descriptions and fully voice-acted dialogue. The Hush Hush DLC gives you - you guessed it - bonus artwork, animations, extra sexy scenes, and fully-voiced steamy dialogue galore.

And after that? Who knows! There are lots more games in our future, so the Panda Pass is a great way to save money in the long run. Like an early bird special! How does it get added to my Steam game? It depends on how you purchase it!

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There are two ways. Click on "Manage DLC", then check the appropriate box to enable your new content. It should look like this: 2. Purchase from our website.

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You can enter this code in-game by clicking on the "More" tab followed by the "Enter Coupon" button. If, for some reason, you didn't receive thelost your code, or the code says "Already Claimed", you may need to access your code through the Humble Bundle website instead. Just click the checkbox and you're golden!

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Also good to know: if you purchased the Panda Pass, you only need to enter the code once and it will automatically apply itself to ALL your current and future Sad Panda games. Do you do refunds? No, sorry. When will you release new games?

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DLC Installation Instructions.

Crush crush adult

email: [email protected] - phone:(799) 971-8716 x 3983

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