Cuckold ideas

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There are just so many things to do with this fetish. You can go out with your husband and try to pick up a stranger. You can bring your husband as the third wheel on a night out with your bull. No matter the occasion, a hotwife date night will be a night to remember.

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Toss some food off the ground and him eat it off. This is a great game for couples that love public humiliation. This one is a great game for couples that love to incorporate sex toys into their games.

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Buy the Cuck Trainer and have your husband put in one of the plugs prior to the date p. The Cuck Trainer is great because you can control it remotely. This is a great toy to use on a hot date night! Use it at the restaurant and watch him squirm. Even consider giving the control over to your bull and have him play around with your husband! Feed him the leftovers after you and your lover eat.

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To make this even more humiliating, put the leftovers on the floor and have him eat it up like a dog. Grind up against his crotch and make out a bit. Make sure hubby is nearby to watch it all up close! Have him search the room and pick out a sexy guy for you.

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If all goes well, have your cuck book a room at the hotel so you can all have some fun. Having sex in public is so hot. Part of the thrill is the idea you could get caught at any time. Throughout the night, try to find places to have sex. Personally, I think its hot to make out with cuckold ideas lover while teasing your cuck under the table in the restaurant. Public humiliation can go a variety of ways.

Maybe they laugh, but the reaction is always funny to see. This is another fun game for couples that are into public humiliation.

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A cuckold should always be ready to serve no matter where you are! Have him carry your purse or coat or heels in public. Also, if your bull has a coat, throw that on him as well. When you finally go home with a hot stud, make sure cuckold ideas give your husband quite the show in the car. Set a challenge for a night out on the town. See how many strangers you can make out in front of your husband. Alright, admittedly, this one is a little of a challenge. Go out for a night on the town. Go to a nice hotel restaurant or hip bar. Have a few drinks…and then try to pick up two guys and have a three way while your husband watches!

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Cuckold ideas

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15 Sexy Cuckold Dating Night Game Ideas For The Naughty Hotwife