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Extralunchmoneyor ELM, is a website where you can sell many different adult services. You can sell premade content, custom content, tangible goods, cam shows, your Snapchat, your phonepretty much anything you can think of! Below I rate them in several differentgiving them a score in each category out of They excelled in all except regional blocking. The possibilities are endless! You are able to extralunchmoney review all of your own prices, up to credits for products and jobs. Once approved, you can choose to have your product automatically tweeted out so your fans on social media know that you just listed a new product.

Once you have a product listed, you can put it on sale. You can offer only a certain of that item for the sale price, or make it unlimited. This comes in handy for teaser videos and pictures. You can list them as 1 credit and then put them on sale for 1 credit off.

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Something that I do that earns me extra money is listing my Snapchat to be purchased for every specific month. The buyer starts the escrow for the amount you two agreed on, you deliver the product s through the escrow message, the buyer reviews it, and then approves the escrow once both parties are satisfied. This protects both you and the buyer from getting ripped off. And if the buyer takes an abnormally long time to approve the escrow, you are able to go in and approve it yourself.

This should be used as a last resort only if the buyer extralunchmoney review unresponsive. Similar to other adult phone sitesExtralunchmoney offers an anonymous, pay-per-text service. You set your own prices per text message received.

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SMS or picture messages also work with their service. They plan on promoting more cam sites in the future, but for now only girls on MFC are listed. ELM was actually a cam model resource site before becoming what they are today. Because of this, they come up often in Google searches and get a high amount of traffic. There are of course some freeloaders and cheapskates on the site, but for the most part the buyers on the site are quality buyers.

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Not only are they willing to negotiate and pay higher amounts for quality products, but many of them are return customers. Out of all the sites out there to sell custom content on, I make the most amount of sales from ELM, with ManyVids coming in second. If you follow everything that they want to see in the video or pictures, and deliver quality content, those extralunchmoney review will come to you again and again.

The site has a lot of different tabs that will take you awhile to get used to. Make sure you check out every section under the Seller tab. You are paid for the amount made in the week, not the current week.

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Once issued, check generally take days to get delivered to your mailbox. Paxum has no extra cost associated with it thought ELM. Wire transfers minimum payout is 55 credits in the United States or credits internationally. As far as keeping your real name, address, phoneand that kind of information secure, they excell.

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They do not offer any form of regional blocking. They always helped me through any situation I was having trouble with. It is one of my personal favorites, and one of the most profitable sites I use. Their vast amount of features make it a good option for almost any amateur model.

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I've been webcamming on and off for the better part of 4 years. I've learned a lot about the business and continue to do so daily.

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Feel free to me with any questions you have and I will answer them promptly.

Extralunchmoney review

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