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We all want someone who will appreciate our curves, voluptuousness, strength, and beauty without fetishizing us. My boyfriend and I met online; it took me about two years of meeting and dating a bunch of creepsters for me to find him eventually. The word fetish is defined as being a type of sexual desire in which gratification is connected to a specific object.

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For example, if you can only get off when dressing as a clown, then you have a clown fetish or Coulrophilia. If intercourse does nothing for you but falling down stairs arouses you, then you have the fetish, Climacophilia. Of course, there are a variety of fat fetishes which can sometimes be as simple as someone who wants to have sex with a fat woman or as ordinary as a man whose primary turn on is the thought of putting his penis between two extra-large breasts.

You could even call me fetish-friendly. I saw for a brief time a man with a foot fetish, but that just made me feel bad for not getting more regular pedicures, and then there was the man who wanted me to spank him, but that just made my spanking-arm tired. I fat fetish chat willing to experiment but what would upset me was finding out that my partner wasonly interested in his own sexual gratification and could not give a crap about my needs and wants. Why even bother with all the delicious ingredients that make the sandwich yummy when all you hunger for is the condiment?

I had a man who wanted to know if I was supersized and hairy, and if I was, would I mind not shaving. What if something went wrong? Can you imagine that headline? Over time I got sensitive to the clues that people were unintentionally giving me regarding their motives. I love to watch a woman really enjoy her food, and it gives me great pleasure to feed her. You could think of me as your food slave. You could eat until you burst.

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One thing holds true — no one should want to eat themselves to an early death, no matter how fat or thin they may be. He complimented me on my smile, my silly sense of humor, and my knowledge of popular culture.

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In turn, I looked at his romantic past and saw that he had been involved with women who were all shapes and sizes. I had to have a ton of coffee dates until I finally found my person, but in the end, it was worth it.

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Life is hard, but it's better when you're not alone. Christine Schoenwald joni edelman, RN. A fetish is like hot sauce; some people add it when they want a little kick to their food, others need to drown everything they eat in it, and then some people just can't stand that level of spice and avoid it altogether. Would I like to be encouraged to overeat and express my inner glutton?

No, not at the price of my health and mobility. I wanted to find someone who was attracted to me not just for the way I looked, but for my unique perspective of seeing the world, my intelligence, and my talent — lucky for me, I found him.

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Fat fetish chat

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