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Nude lipsticks are super versatile and one can never go wrong with the right nude lipstick shade that flatters their skin tone.

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Whether you want a nude peach lipstick to complement a dramatic smokey eye or are looking for an everyday pinky-nude lipstick to wear to work, nude find nude shades are perfect for creating a balance for bold looks or adding a touch of natural-looking colour on your lips.

Which is why it comes as no surprise that nude lipsticks are one of the most commonly worn lipsticks in different seasons. While the right nude lipstick shade can make you look effortlessly stylish and put together, the wrong one can make even the prettiest makeup looks look drab. If your nude lipstick shade is too light, it can make you look ashy and washed out. Too dark, and it defeats the whole purpose of sporting a nude lip!

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Finding the best nude lipstick for your skin tone is actually harder than it sounds, you need to take into your skin tone and your undertone before you find the perfect match! When choosing a nude lipstick for light and fair skin tones, pay close attention to your complexion and undertone to find a shade that brings out your features.

If you have cool undertones, look for soft, dusty nude pink lipsticks that have a cool undertone. Avoid nude lipsticks with brown undertones as they tend to darken pink lips. If you have find nude undertones, nude lipstick shades with orange or beige undertones will add a flawless flush of colour to your lips. Light nude peach lipsticks are also a safe bet for when you want to go for an au naturel makeup look.

Those of you with medium and olive skin tones can get away with a lot of different nude lipstick shades.

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From lighter nude peach lipsticks to darker nude brown lipsticks, your complexion can handle it all. The best nude lipstick for people with medium and olive find nude tones is one with warm undertones like caramel, beige, and orange that complements their natural yellow undertones. Go a shade darker than the shade of your skin to really play up the warmth of your complexion and tie your golden undertone together with the warmth of the lipstick.

If you have medium or olive skin tones with slightly cooler undertones, look for a subtle blush pink nude lipstick shade that is just a touch darker than your lips. This will ensure that the cool undertones and the pink shade do not wash out your bronzed, warm skin tone. You also add some lip gloss on the center of your lips to add some depth and dimension to your nude lips and make the lip colour stand out.

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When looking for a nude lipstick shade for dusky, deep, and dark skin tones, find one that delivers a striking but subtle contrast to your complexion! Sounds contradicting right? Hear us out.

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You want your nude lipstick shade to make your lips stand out, but in a good way. A too light nude lipstick will make you look chalky and ghostly and a shade too close to your skin tone or darker will get lost within the rest of your features.

The best nude lipstick shade for those with deep and dark skin tones should have rich undertones of chocolate brown or red. Avoid wearing pink nude lipsticks with cool undertones as they can make your lips look frosty, and that is not a good look on anybody!

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With darker complexions, you can also use a sheer find nude glossy nude lip that lets the natural colour of your lips peak through. Even with a handy little guide like this, it can still feel overwhelming to find the best nude lipstick shade for your skin find nude. Here are some extra tips for you to make even the wrong nude lipstick shade work! The darker lip liner colour will help create a contrast between the light nude lipstick and your skin.

Use just a dot of the foundation or concealer or you will be left with tacky lips that will feel sticky and uncomfortable all day. Want an even simpler way of finding the perfect nude lipstick shade that complements your skin tone? The Maybelline Virtual Try On tool is a quick, easy, and commitment-free way of giving yourself a virtual makeover with hundreds of different Maybelline products. All you need to do is a picture or use the live camera feature on the website and you are all set to experiment with all the nude lipstick shades that Maybelline has to offer.

It really is that simple! Head over to the Virtual Try On tool and find the perfect nude lipstick shade for your skin tone today. Foundation Finder. Your Cart. Your cart is empty! No Found. Home makeup tips lip-makeup how-to-find-the-perfect-nude-lipstick-shade-for-your-skin-tone.

How to find the perfect nude lipstick shades for your skin tone? Here is how you can find the perfect nude lipstick shade for your complexion that makes you look fresh-faced and fun!

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