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While their stepd chilled on the couch, these two cute little nubiles were having a blast with an Easter egg hunt. One was a petite and skinny redhead with the tiniest tits and big and nerdy glasses, and the other was a bit curvier and more voluptuous brunette teen. Not only did they look dashing, but the girls also had the skimpiest outfits.

With nothing but loose shirts and panties, bunny ears, and tails, the two hopped around the house, finding eggs and fooling around. That kept girls all the way naked busy for just a little while because they quickly figured out a better way to have fun. The cuties went to the bedroom, where they quickly stripped naked and went for pussy licking.

To switch things up, the naked girls swapped places, and the redhead was more than happy to return the pleasure. However, just as the girls were really getting into it, their stepd barged in and caught them in the act. At first, they were completely stunned. The stepdaughters tried to hide everything as quickly as possible, but both stepd saw them eating each other out.

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Moving her hands further down, she spread her legs, massaging between. She was completely naked, so her body was visible in all its glory. She continued to massage her thighs getting close to her naked pussy. She felt the heat coming off her moistening pussy. There was no going back, so the masseuse got down and started eating that juicy cunt.

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The girls both moaned, their pussies melting together as sweet juices flooded from both of them. Their slits entering into each other as they slid up and down, making wet squishy noises as the two girls became one. The masseur then pushed the girl on all fours so she was with her ass high in the air, spread her ass cheeks, rubbing her pussy with her hand.

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Girls all the way naked

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