Girls like muscle

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Please allow me to answer this question by quoting girls I have been in bed with, by eliminating the lie that you need to look like a fitness model to get girls and by sharing my own transformation from a skinny blade of grass into a guy who can at least stand without falling over. This is going to be a long and detailed article about the correlation between muscles and your success with women and without a certainthis article would have never been written. In case you wonder whether or not hitting the gym will get you laid, you can thank one of my most loyal readers for inspiring me to write the following lines.

Yesterday, I got an from one of my readers in which he asked me about the correlation between having a muscular physique and attracting beautiful women into your life. Apparently he got the impression that I look pretty muscular on the picture on my about. Let me know if you have the secret. However, my upper body looks pretty good besides my terribly ugly 30cm scar and if I continue doing push ups I might need a bra in the next few months. The reason why I want to make this clear from the beginning is pretty simple.

You can be skinny and still have success with the ladies. I know so many guys who are not that good looking and who still have a lot of success with women. Just look at guys like Johnny Soporno. Yes, building muscles has some benefits especially for your inner gamebut it is not a requirement for your success. I can tell you from my own experience that getting ripped and building muscles has a bigger effect on your inner game, than it has on your external world.

There are too many guys who believe that muscles are the ultimate solution for all your dating problems. This is not true. I also know why this belief is so widespread. You just have to look at popular TV shows and movies. The muscular guy with the six pack is always the one who gets laid while the skinny geek has to humiliate himself to get lucky. You can watch Ben Stiller eating peanuts from the street. In reality not all women dream about being banged by a guy whose forearms are bigger than her whole body. There are some girls who are actually disgusted by the thought of jumping in bed with a guy who could lift a car with his own hands.

I know girls like muscle lot of girls who are afraid of the bodies of professional bodybuilders. About three months ago I have been on a date with a girl who told me that I have to stop working out if I want to see her again. I am still very skinny and the last thing I would describe myself as is a bodybuilder, but for her my biceps and my A-cups were already too much.

Every human being has a different taste. You might be more into Asian girlswhile the guy next to you is incredibly attracted to black girls. The shocking truth is that there are girls who are turned off by muscular guys. However, there are also a lot of girls who absolutely love muscular guys.

There are some logical at least for the female logic and some animalistic reasons why women are attracted to guys with muscles that we are going to look at in the following paragraphs. It happened to me a few times that a girl stared at my biceps or at my chest, before she gave me a seductive looks.

There are indeed some girls who are incredibly turned on by muscular guys. My girlfriend is one of those girls. Grabbing my biceps during sex makes her go wild like a python. The mistake that sexually frustrated skinny guys tend to make is to judge those girls for their preference. Accept that some girls love muscular guys and stop using false stereotypes girls like muscle an excuse for your own misery. There are girls who absolutely hate muscular guys and who prefer a well-fed belly and girls like muscle are girls who play while thinking about going Down on Dwayne Johnson.

However, there is also a third category of girls. Now you can allow yourself to stop going to the gym because you want to impress girls and to start going there because you want to do it for yourself. I just realized that I should have said this melodramatic sentence at another point. Because we are going to have a look at all the reasons y why girls actually like muscles, before we look at the benefits that going to the gym has for your inner game.

It happened to me quite a few times that a girl laid her head on my chest after we had sex. Whenever she then started to squeeze and to caress my beautiful boobies, I asked her about her thoughts. Whenever a girl embraced my thin legs and told me how much she wants to lick them, I did the same thing. Just kidding, no girl has ever given me a compliment on my chicken legs. However, it also happened a few times that Girls like muscle was on a date with a girl and at some point we linked arms.

When she then grabbed my biceps and looked at me in a submissive way, I also asked her about her thoughts. All I did was asking and all the answers that I received from the girls I have shared a bed with can be put in the following four. There were only two girls who have been honest enough to reveal reason four. Every single one of your muscles is a weapon. If you have strong arms you can punch. If you have strong legs you can kick. Muscles are symbols of strength and there are quite a few women who are attracted to these symbols. No woman really cares if you can life 50 kilo or 55 kilo on the bench press, but the same woman cares about whether or not you could protect her in dangerous situations.

Even though we learned all those fancy things like how to build status symbols that are completely useless and how to destroy the planet we live on we are so brilliantwe are still slaves to our animal instincts. You can call yourself the most logical and sophisticated human being on the planet, your animal instincts are still taking over as soon as a naked girl stands in front of you. Women have those animal instincts too. Your instincts tell you that you should look for a hot girl who has the perfect body to pop out some pretty babies. Her instincts tell her to look for a man who is able to protect her and the pretty babies she pops out.

As soon as her p gets wether brain is in Stone Age mode. Now she is looking for a guy who can carry the biggest cudgel and in order to carry the biggest cudgel, you need big muscles. In case you are familiar with my writing you know that I often talk about the importance of emotional strength.

I already mentioned a few times that women appreciate the emotional strength of a guy a lot more than his physical strength. The tricky thing is that a lot of women automatically assume that a guy who is physically strong is also emotionally strong. I honestly met a lot of girls who confirmed this suspicion. No wonder that they are attracted to guys with big muscles. The girls like muscle that muscular guys are hard as stone and that being hard on the outside equals being hard on the inside is nothing but a stereotype. Going to the gym and lifting heavy weights naturally increases your testosterone level.

Do I really have to say more? There are many ways to increase your testosterone level and one of them is lifting weights. The more you go to the gym and the more muscles you build, the higher are your chances to increase your testosterone level. This can make you irresistible to women. I deliberately say that it CAN make you irresistible to women.

Even though I believe that girls like muscle can make you more attractive, I disagree with the people who say that it is the main determining factor for your success with women. Even though I probably raised my testosterone level through the countless hours I spent in the gym, I still have a very low overall testosterone level. My voice is not the deepest, I look like a 16 year old boy and growing a proper beard would take me one year and five months. Keep in mind that becoming a successful Global Seducer requires more than raising your testosterone level.

In fact, there are many benefits that lifting weights brings along that are not related to your success with women, at least not directly. Every repetition and every progress taught me a lot about my boundaries and about my motivation to overcome these boundaries. You might not want to hear it but hitting the gym is way better for your inner game than wasting your days on the couch watching TV shows that steadily kill one bran cell after another.

All I wanted was to feel confident with my body. From a young age on I was always the skinniest kid in school. Even though I built some muscle within the last year, I am still underweight. I had enough of being thin as a rake.

I wanted to be seen on pictures, I wanted to be seen by women and I wanted to look at myself in the mirror with a feeling of pride.

Girls like muscle

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