How to add someone on kik with username

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Like us to stay up to date with the AskMeFast community and connect with other members. Answered Unanswered. Visitors to this also searched for:. Kik why can t i add an that exists but Kik why i can t i add someone Kik doesn t let me add people Username not found in kik. What would you like to ask? Please check and try again. This is NOT abusive. I pressed this button by accident. It is offensive or harmful. It does not contain enough information. It contains or requests illegal information. It does not make sense.

Consumer Electronics. Chemistry Engineering Mathematics Physics. I can t add people on kik messenger? How come when i click on a kik user it says they are not found. Asked by: Bobbie. by Google. This site is best viewed while logged in. Top Solutions.

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Add your answer. Was this answer helpful? Yes No. This answer closely relates to:. Anonymous 1. Go and add therm type there name in it would come up with a person that you want to chat with and click on it then done OK. Suggested Solutions 10 What's this? Someone said: Orange isnt the only network provider that allows BBM on pay as you go. Im on t mobile. Was this comment helpful? Yes it is possible. You go on the where you chat and then on the right hand corner of your screen, click that and then it brings you to another different and then click the same thing on the right hand corner again and then it will say block.

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You need either go in store and ask about or go in options and look a enterprise activation it asks for and password to a work place for it be set up and gives you your pin so you may need it set up in the shop you got it from :D im of to o2 to do mine tomorrow :d. Someone said: im on o2 aswell, gunna go into the shop later today to get it sorted.

Someone said: same here i have a got it 3 days ago and not working help?!! The higher end you plan is the better stuff. Texting in my opinion is good enough. Hi i have i Blackberry and i have that messenger on my phone but when i add a contact it just shows pending is there anything that i need to do in order for it work please ppl i need to know why its not working please. Someone said: You have to go to the carrier and talk to them about it.

That's what i had to do when i first got mine. Someone said: i have the same issue. Someone said: " add contacts then write the name of the contact you want to add then write bbm at the end of there name and there contact should add " doesnt work for me :'. Someone said: Itz Not Workin 4 Me Wbu U Guyz? Someone said: whats everyone on about?

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Someone said: u need to by a booster for 5 pound a month. Someone said: huhh? Someone said: right click on the icon and go to unblock this contact Someone said: If it is on payg you will need to buy a blackberry internet plan from your network provider most contracts already have the blackberry plan but you should ring up the network provider to make sure, you could also try uninstalling it and re installing the latest version. Someone said: I had the same problem and i called orange my service provider and you had to ask for the bundle.

Someone said: my bbm doesnt work, it says pending. Someone said: if it hasnt workde yet i want to give advice mine was like that aswell on the top right corner it shuld say wifi in little and gprs or something else that should how to add someone on kik with username in capitals and the it will work e. Someone said: the oly thing you can do is call your network i had the exact same problems and they sorted it for me. Someone said: ok i understand i need to pay but how do i go about doing this i call and then what?

Someone said: you have to contact your service provieder and get them to send you the settings babe :. Someone said: even i have same problem,. Someone said: Hey people, just take out ur battery, for like 2 seconds, and it'll work Someone said: Try taking your battery out. Maybe keep it out for the night. If it works? Thank me ha! Someone said: i can rec'd msg but when i reply the message will not be send Someone said: I had the same problem and all you have to do is go to option, advanced options, host routing table thn press the menu button and click register.

Someone said: same my bbm dosent work! Someone said: its because they need to accept you first. Someone said: you must go to your service provider where you buy your sim card and pay for internet connection so that you can use your blackberry messenger and browsing Someone said: Just called my service provider BBM isn't exactly free then is it!!?!? Someone said: what do i have to ring on vodaphone???

Someone said: wa the o2 numba?? Someone said: I have the same problem and you cant really do anything about it. Someone said: i have same issue my bbm is not working can somebody help please. Someone said: what do i have to do if I bought it on pay as you go Orange. Someone said: Go and look up 'how to get wifi on a blackberry curve without data plan' on Youtube. Someone said: help me plz unblock friend request.

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Someone said: the 'how to get wifi on a blackberry curve without data plan' on youtube thing got my browser working, but not my bbm? Someone said: I'm having the same problem. I already have 28 contacts on bbm and I have now added my best mate but it just saying pending and she has tried adding me but it is saying pending on hers too and neither of us have received the invite.

Someone said: when BBM isn't working and add-request hang on "pending" You'll have to call your carrier and ask them what kind of internet-package you really have!

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Mostly they'll be abled to put you onto a BB-suitable internet package with no or little cost! That's all Please call to speak to Customer Services. Someone said: I had same issues with my Bb Curve. Basically, nothing helps but contacting your service providers directly. Here's what I got. They sent me the right settings for my phone, and in two minutes, all my issues were solved.

There's a different settings for a prepaid and a postpaid line. Someone said: Also try this. What to put in there? Ask your service providers. But it does not end there. You will still be required to avail of Bb services with additional charge. That's how it works. If you think there's still other way to make it work, best of luck to you! Someone said: Even on WiFi connections, the services and features will be very much limited.

Someone said: all i did is top us 15quid and it worked automatically,i didnt have to pay 5quid monthly to use it. Someone said: how long does it take for the registerin message to come through? Someone said: For me it was really easy cuz my mom did it for me.

I still don't get how to work some part of my blackberry. I'm getting one soon cuz I broke mine Hopefully I get it before my 12th birthday. Someone said: ring 2 reactivate. Someone said: Ring ur network up and say u want bbm starting up i did and it started up within 12hours. Someone said: My friend had that problem with it saying "pending". I told her to take her battery out and put it back in, don't touch the phone until it has booted up on it's own. After that she could request and receive BBM friends again.

How to add someone on kik with username

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