How to be a good crossdresser

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So, to ensure you have a pleasurable experience, start with buying the basics first. This article will concentrate on:. Most male body types require some help from shaping garments to emulate a female shape. For example, boobs and wider hips are essential for pulling off a passable lady. Breast Forms : Breast forms do 3 things for the male shape: first of all, they make ladies clothing fit and look much more attractive.

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Secondly, they help soften the look of wide male shoulders. Thirdly, breast forms automatically make you feel more feminine and confident. Unless you have a thing for large breasts then start with a C or B cup, so you can get a feel for them. If you can, buy silicone forms, since they are the closest products that look and feel like the real thing.

You can spend hundreds of dollars on these but to begin, look for sale items like the Wider Full Teardrop Breast Forms from GlamourBoutique. You can do this by slimming your waist. If you only need to smooth the waist area and lose an inch or two, then a simple slimmer or girdle will help.

These take more time to fit when dressing, but they are the only garment that can radically reduce the waist area to get the shape you want. Hip Padding and Padded Panties : As a male, you will most likely not have wide hips, however, there are hip p anyone can afford to enhance their hips quickly.

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For cheap options, you can purchase stand-alone foam p that are held in place by pantyhose, or a good quality pair of padded panties like the Padded Rear and Hip Shaping Girdle. Most people love this product because the padding blends nicely with your natural curves. Plus, it also acts as a supportive girdle. Once you have achieved that perfect hourglass figure with the shaping garments, you can now focus on dressing like a woman. For beginners, I am sure you do not have a lot of clothes at your disposal, so keep it simple.

Order some dresses, bigger tops, and some skirts online from a trans gender-friendly company. This will ensure the clothing will fit your body type better.

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Try and plan out at least two outfits when you are purchasing. If you are particularly athletic, with a triangle-shaped body, and do not pad up your hip areas you will definitely want to shop for curvy skirts and tighter tops. The skirt will give you some added curve in the hips and the tight top will keep your top half slender-give a curvy appearance. On the other hand, if you have that perfect hourglass shape, dresses are simple and sexy!

Our basic Little Black Dress for Crossdressers is an ideal solution for many.

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Most novice dressers we meet cannot suddenly start shaving their legs every time they want to wear a dress or skirt; as friends and family would notice. So, good quality opaque pantyhose, stockings, or stay-ups will mask the hair and blemishes that need to be hidden. This will give you a nice flat front when wearing your dress or skirt.

So, having a couple of gaffs laying around is always beneficial to the occasional crossdresser. Girl, you are crazy- are you trying to break an ankle? Trust me, you will be doing yourself, and your feet, a favor. Heels are hard to walk in. Recommended shoes for beginners would be the Divine Pump. For sizing the easy rule of thumb to remember is to add 2 full sizes to your male shoe size for closed-toe styles and add 1.

If in doubt call us at GlamourBoutique. Platforms are much easier to walk in. Other good recommendations for novice dressers are pumps with ankle straps for added security, plain T-strap sandals for the same reason, or even ankle boots, which give great support. Remember, keep it simple and start out conservatively; you can always get bigger heels once you have practised. If you only dress occasionally, then buy good affordable everyday items, like the examples above from GlamourBoutique. If you want more tips, read the articles in our Crossdressing Tips Blog.

You can also follow up with us with any questions or concerns about the right garments, or the right size at [ protected].

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