Kik groups for couples

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Post Next Post. These are the rules of the group. If you cannot follow them then please do not. In order for you to just point your kik app and the scanner part in order to be added to the group. You may also Pm me on kik if you have any issues.

My kik is peanutt88a. Come the sexy fun! The rules: This is a couples and single ladies only group! Meaning that both of you if couple need to chat and have your own Kik s. Please ask permission to private message someone. Be respectful and most of all have fun! In order to remain in this group you and your partner will need to verify with a live picture to any of our admins, or post it publicly in the chat. So isn't this considered against website policy to post this?

I personally don't care, but isn't that the rules?

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Don't s containing competing sites get banned? No, it isn't a competing website. It is a chat room. People post about them frequently, as well as facebook groups.

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It's ok to be upset that she doesn't want single guys to turn her chat room into a sausage fest. Feel free to start your own room that doesn't allow couples or single ladies. We only have one KiK identification, just like we only have one Swingular profile, so we would not be able to participate unless we change that.

Doubt we are the target market anyway and that is okay. We used to belong to three KiK groups and we really didn't use them much. We hope the people using this one have a great time! We don't see how a selective chat room violates anything. KiK does not provide the ability to build a profile like Swingular. It is just a chat and messaging system. As far as the "Lifestyle" is concerned, Mrs. Delicious prefers t ownership of any and all ways we, and especially she can be contacted.

If aggressive single and married women were as numerous and persistent, in pressing their case for sex with single and married men, we might understand a lady's need for additional barriers. Then kik groups for couples we might not get anything else done but have sex. Once an acceptable level of confidence and familiarity is established with someone she knows, as a lifestyle friend, she just gives them her cell phone. I personally think that a separate KiK identification she only gives out selectively might be better, because she could just log out of KiK when she does not want to be disturbed.

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Kik groups for couples

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Looking for more woman and couples for kik group! Fun flirty group with a few couples already in! Must be 21+ and live verify!