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I have been obsessed with Akechi for the last few days so I would like to do some angst plots with him and Joker but I'm happy to write him with any of the phantom thieves. I can also write Joker but I'm not as keen on that. Feel free to dm me if interested. I'm looking to throw an oc at someone's aizawa, present mic, or hawks, other characters are welcome too though- pro hero or villain! Long term partners please! Like and i'll reach out! I love them both so kik rp finder. Im into angst and nsfw and rp on discord. Im open to many ideas except AUs. We can talk about how we interpret it and add it to our plot.

And we can add persona elements as well to expand both the regular and other Tokyo, as well as adding in other characters. This will be SFW. Plus, having knowledge in Persona and knowing what smt v is. I love to have a good chat ooc too and having fun talking about our characters. I write on discord, but here is good to. Like if interested! I am 16 years old so I'd prefer a partner around my age range please. I am currently interested in a more apocalyptic world build and I have a comic idea based around this world.

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I have a character Raiden Bennet that I would love to use to try and flesh out his personality better, as well as another Kane Maribel. I am not opposed to either. Romantic is fine, I don't mind shipping these two with anyone, but I'd prefer to keep it in the MxM range when it comes to romantic relationships regarding their persons. I understand not being able to do full fleshed out long messages though, just let me know and we can tone it down a bit if needed.

I'd love to talk and chat and such! Sorry if this is a bit long. Im here to appear as friendly as possible I suppose. Please message me on discord at:.

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Tysm mods for everything you do. By all means I'm no expert writer but I like to create dynamic between characters and development. I request that no single liners approach me and only ones that are good in lengths of writing as because I can write novella and lit I'll make an exception kik rp finder semi lit but to an extant.

You don't have to be mega active but at least try to reply asap. Hello everyone, I am looking for a partner in the age range ofsince I am 17 myself. Others are also welcome, but then again, not a lot of people are comfortable roleplaying with someone several years younger than them so it's understandable! Canon ships like zelink are preferred, though I am open to other ships just be aware that I might not be as proficient with male characters, given my lack of experience :.

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I am someone who can write from 1. The roleplay will cover dark themes like death and perpetual destruction—it will be angsty, yes. Romantic moments are very much appreciated however, I am not comfortable with any sort of smut in the roleplay! So please please please consider this and message me if you fit the criterion because I am desperate.

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Posts Ask Submit Archive. Anonymous asked: Ey! Anonymous asked: hey, folks. Anonymous asked: Hello! Anonymous asked: hi! Anonymous asked: Hi! Extras: - I prefer literate and up please. Please message me on discord at: please. Like, really. Canon ships like zelink are preferred, though I am open to other ships just be aware that I might not be as proficient with male characters, given my lack of experience : I am someone who can write from 1. I am more comfortable roleplaying in discord!

Kik rp finder

email: [email protected] - phone:(819) 461-7588 x 3629

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