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We here at OkCupid have an ongoing love affair with Dan Savage, the well-known voice behind Savage Love whose includes author, journalist, and — most importantly — activist for the LGBTQ community. Many of us are listeners of his podcasts, and his sometimes polarizing advice is the catalyst behind some lively lunch table discussions. So when I had the opportunity to interview Savage, I was extremely excited — and a bit nervous.

During what turned into more of a conversation, we discussed everything from sex, to dating, to the intrawebs, to Pride. Here are the highlights:. Bernadette Libonate: To warm up, I would love to hear an anecdote from your worst date. Dan Savage: Haha, I remember years ago going on a blind date.

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I found it really off-putting. Do you agree? DS: We [traditionally] define success as these two people who were together until one or the other or both dies. Two people are together for 60 years, then one of them dies — successful relationship? BL: Do you think that apps and dating online has allowed people to be colder or less thoughtful about ending relationships?

Is ghosting a new phenomenon, or have we just coined the phrase because the frequency is higher? Before you could just kind of, move…haha…. With apps like OkCupid, social media, and just the Internet…. The good of all this interconnectivity is more choices, more options, more people out there that you can potentially be with, and the downside is more people out there that are going to choose to maybe not be with you for whatever reason.

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Is there anything in your opinion that all daters — no matter their sexual orientation — that everyone should try at okcupid foot fetish point when it comes to dating and sex? I think people should be GGG for each other. Anyone telling you not okcupid foot fetish do that is undermining your relationship. But we should celebrate that.

BL: Speaking of celebrating, how do you celebrate Pride Month? But I think I deserve sort of a medical exception. DS: Do something. Now is not the time to sit on your ass. Make a pussy hat, go to a march — you can do that. Call your congressman — you can do that. Sometimes people will point to huge and unsolvable problems where no one knows exactly what to do, and that can instill a kind of despair that le people not to tackle the things they can do. Over the Trump administration, a lot of horrible things have been done — but a lot of horrible things they wanted to do were blocked because people spoke up, because people called their congressman, went to town hall meetings, went into the streets and protested, and donated money.

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Okcupid foot fetish

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