Rape roleplay ideas

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Think twice before clicking; for some of you it might not be wise. Continue at your own risk. It will be dark and brutal and intimidating. She may scream and cry and beg me not to do it. The power imbalance will be extreme. A large well muscled man taking advantage of a beautiful petite woman, who has zero chance at resisting me successfully. Her mouth covered in my leather gloved hand, struggling beneath me while I ignore said struggles and use her body however I like. But not with Blue. Find your own victim! Everything I suggest here has been literally tested and made use of by me, to great success.

It may not work for everyone. Forced orgasms are an excellent example of this. All of my word choices are deliberately blunt. This stuff gets dark and nasty. So when it came time to actually explore it, because hey, SO many women are keen rape roleplay ideas do it… I did not get hard at all. People, men and women and whatever gender you identify with… they get turned on as fuck by all of this. They actually fantasize about it. They love the idea.

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Blue included. That would be so hot. Very, very normal. The answer is actually pretty simple. If that does it for her, cool. She is SO keen. This particular scenario has been a fantasy for her for a long, long time. With this, I have the opportunity to learn a fun new kind of play that can spice up our love life in some very interesting ways. So why not? It violently conflicts with their actual values, and in some strange perverse way, it turns them on. Are people supposed to like consensual non-consent?

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Again, this is probably a good thing — and for those to whom it does come rape roleplay ideas, life is much easier for them when it comes to learning this. A little bit at a time, rather than the full experience. This can be quite effective in starting your mental reprogramming. After a couple of experiences of this, add in some light struggling. You may find this puts you off — I know I did — but again, after one or two experiences, my confidence that my partner was having a great time went up and it became part of the turn on.

A few years ago I did some psychology study. It was a good time, and I learned a lot. And I also learned some of the most awesome life hacks of all time; classical and operant conditioning. You typically have to do it a few times for it to take.

So you have your basic neutral or even uncomfortable action in this case pretend rape and then you follow it up with something the body finds intensely pleasurable, like a reward. I would either have oral sex performed on me, or have hot sex afterwards anyway.

Often both. Because I like to enjoy the good things in life. Hot sex and orgasms work really well as rewards or reinforcers in a conditioning process. Actually understanding what your partner wants in their role play scene is very helpful. Below is a screenshot of what I got when I asked Blue for ideas about what she wanted. There was a bit more to it than just that… a few hard limits, things she absolutely did not want, etc. I have more thoughts on negotiation here if you want more information on that sort of thing.

I then proceeded to plan from there, adding my own creative turn to things, the rape roleplay ideas of things I knew we would both enjoy. We decided to veto me actually following her from the bus… last thing we wanted was the police turning up because a well-intentioned neighbor noticed the scary, predatory man following the petite young woman down the street. Might ruin the fun. Planning is valuable. Especially planning for what might go wrong.

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While the events may not happen exactly as you planned, the planning for what might go wrong is SO important. When in doubt, trim down risk. Keep your partner intact, so that you can violate her again another time! Hence the first aid kit for just in case. We might get interrupted. You might need to be a lot more tactful about it than I was. You may also hear screams coming from my room. They might even develop giant perverted grins on their faces.

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Pro-tips for execution of the plan, not your partner. I know a guy who uses plastic but very realistic looking knives for this sort of thing. Tidy away the dangerous things or anything you might trip on!

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So that went really, really well. I was waiting in the house in my flatmates room before Blue arrived, all dressed in black and well prepared. My flatmates told Blue that I was out… She knew what was supposed to rape roleplay ideas but not when. I received regular reports from people in the flat via text of just how freaked out and nervous she was which was funny, considering it was her fantasy.

I chuckled. Everything went surprisingly according to plan; but one thing I did find was that wearing a mask or balaclava during this kind of play makes it very, very easy to get into character, and lets all those really dark ideas have a voice. One hell of a dark, sinister voice. Fortunately she managed to make him happy enough that he went away… after having quite a bit of sinister fun with her.

And then her much more pleasant boyfriend Pete Riggs came into the room wearing a white t-shirt and found her chewing on the duct tape that was still around her wrists. Oh, that poor girl. Whatever did that bad man do to you? A note: it turns out that the duct tape was more like wide electrical PVC tape, and that stretches and thins under force and struggling, reducing your margin of safety.

Use actual duct tape instead. I found it very easy to get into the hepace due to the mask, but that shit is not for beginners and will seriously fuck with your head in some very unexpected ways. As well as mild disassociation and having a very difficult time returning to normal clarity. In fact i think it took Friday night through to waking up on Sunday and some VERY intimate and passionate sex Rape roleplay ideas night to return to baseline. The little touches like seeing if my jewelry was worth anything etc etc were very effective at setting the scene.

The build up drove me crazy! There were some points when the panic almost got to me and instead of accepting and sobbing it out, it started to feel a bit too real, but listening to your voice and seeing your eyes helped A LOT to bring me back to being ok. I found it really important to just know that if i did start to freak out that i could look up and still see the person I love and trust under that skull mask xxx. These hormones actually affect the development of the fetus.

Processing is as important here as it is with any other of the most extreme edge play. Start light!

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For people who are interested in related play that has many of the same themes but is a bit less scary and rapey, you might want to check out forced orgasms. They have this nifty element of consensual non-consent to them, but are much easier to execute. This led to her being frustrated because eventually she wanted to surrender but still have me continue, but I felt this game was an important step to overcome some fears of vulnerability and surrender.

That second game has a lot of potential! And it makes for a great consequence too, in a fun way. The scene continues and both parties get the satisfaction. Pete your article was spot on! I married a vanilla. Rough slowly became CNC.

Rape roleplay ideas

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