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The permission of the owner of a publicly available external website is legally not required for normal transparent links of this kind, especially links from an entirely non-commercial site such as this one, and has not been sought. A hyperlink to another website is to be regarded merely as equivalent to quoting a reference to a published book and inviting readers to look for it in a library. Bum Rap Alternative link An excellent essay from Canada, but of universal relevance challenging some of the simplistic myths and disingenuous sermonising put about by the anti-spanking brigade.

It questions how violence in society can be attributed to spanking when there was more spanking in the past, but less violence than now: "Even without a PhD in sociology, the average person, using his common sense, should be suspicious of studies that claim spanking increases societal violence".

The author also pulls to bits the methodology of much "research" purporting to show that spanking is harmful. Words from Diana Baumrind on corporal punishment Contributions from paediatricians to the parental spanking debate.

It emerges that the hugely-publicised "research" of Dr Murray Straus and others, purporting to show that spanking is detrimental, is "based on little more than statistical quicksand and methodological thin ice".

Other studies have come to diametrically opposite conclusions, but did not spanking page any publicity. Required reading for anyone campaigning to retain parental spanking. Also highly relevant to any efforts to counter half-baked "political correctness" in general. See also this September news item. Aimed at parents who spank, or are wondering spanking page to do so or not, suggesting how to avoid doing it abusively.

Refreshingly level-headed, commonsense, undogmatic, entirely non-religious.

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Useful too for references to many articles and books on domestic discipline, from a wide variety of points of view see the References and Links. As a light-hearted aside, spanking page is an illustrated of spanking poemssome of which were new to me. Also quite novel is the How can I get my parents to spank me? He may well be responsible for the currently fashionable notion that almost everything that anyone might do or say probably constitutes "abuse" of some kind.

In his desperately bleak world view, adults in all cultures have been abusing children to a massive and unimaginable degree since the dawn of time. He uses a barrage of highly selective quotations from a myriad disparate sources to put the worst possible interpretation on everything.

All quite extraordinary, and very hard to take seriously.

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See the section on "The history of child beating" and its two illustrations, "Mother beating her child" and "Child being beaten by teacher". McClelland smuggles UN rights standards in the back door A law professor writing in The Australian June is alarmed at the vague wording of the UN Convention on the Rights spanking page the Child, which does not ban corporal punishment but which some have chosen to interpret as if it did, such as committees of "overseas experts" who "were wholly undemocratically chosen", some of them from "countries you wouldn't take any moral advice from if your life depended on it".

Australia is in danger of outsourcing its human-rights law to these people without realising it, he says. Corporal punishment is not all bad Alternative link Dr Barry Maley, a "Senior Fellow" at the right-wing Centre for Independent Studies, puts forward some philosophical thoughts about parental spanking. Claims and Research The Keep 43 Committee, set up to oppose proposals to ban domestic spanking in Canada, sets out the evidence-based scientific case for moderate parental punishment.

To Spank or Not to Spank What do you think about parents having the right to spank their children? Article in the Canadian edition of Reader's Digest Apriland a long of hundreds of messages discussing the issue. It should not be up to bureaucrats to decide whether parents can spank their children. The document's author grew up in Switzerland and says kids there were birched by their parents on their bare bottoms.

It is not clear what period we are talking about here. Section 43 Spanking page Debate Adjourned speech in the Senate on repealing Section 43, which allows parents to use reasonable corporal punishment. This has been overtaken by events: the Canadian Supreme Court in January upheld this lawbut clarified what constitutes "reasonable" to make it, in effect, more restrictive.

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Euromyths: EU court may ban smacking The European Union wearily tries to point out that the European Convention on Human Rights, and its associated Court, has nothing to do with the EU, contrary to what ill-informed journalists may write. Actually, in one indirect sense this is not quite as true as it once spanking page although the Convention dates from before the EU was even thought of, and its machinery is entirely independent of the EU institutions, compliance with it is nowadays made one of the conditions for the accession of new EU member states.

Matters are made particularly confusing by the fact that the EU does have a court, whose task is the enforcement of EU law -- the European Court of Justice, based in Luxembourg -- which is a completely different entity from the European Court of Human Rights, based in Strasbourg. It remains the case that such matters as corporal punishment form no part of EU law.

Gluttons for punishment A French writer on the Guardian blog discusses a survey showing that an overwhelming majority of three generations in France have been spanked, are spanking their children or will be spanking their children at some point in the future. However, the martinet is falling out of use, she says. Krover Nacktarsch wine labels Bottle labels for a German Mosel wine showing jokey drawings of a small boy being spanked by the Kellermeister for drinking the wine and getting drunk. Nacktarsch actually means "bare bottom".

There have been many different versions of the label over the decades. US State Department human rights report on Greece, This cites research showing that parental spanking in Greece is socially acceptable, or at least it was in I have the subjective impression that that goes for southern Europe as a whole. The Schoolboys of Athens In Ancient Athens, after a boy turned seven, all floggings were to come from male hands and there would be many of them, according to this text dating from Standing Is Better!

Supposedly a blog by two Dutch teen boys who got spanked and paddled. Very amusing, but it all seems a bit unlikely to me. I think it's probably a fantasy or a spanking page. Spare the rod and spoil spanking page child Press release May by a Christian group attacks the "anti-family" government and its "loony left" desire to introduce an anti-smacking law. Punishing Smacking Press release from New Zealand's Liberal Party opposing proposals to ban parents from smacking their. These ideas, it says, are based on "dud science and dishonest rhetoric".

Available in four widths and two lengths. Quotes studies showing that the prohibition of parental spanking in Sweden has had exactly the opposite effect to that intended -- the level of "child abuse", violence and aggression has soared. Child Abuse in Sweden More on the above. Heidi and Peter Article about a Swiss children's film made in This still from the film right is captioned "Grandfather prepares Peter for corporal punishment!

Maybe this tells us something about domestic CP in rural Switzerland in real life 60 years ago. Or maybe not. Punishing parents Essay by academic Frank Furedi attacking then-new legislation in the UK that seeks to restrict parental smacking.

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He points out that many advocates of a total ban on physical punishment are actually against all forms of punishing children. He sees the underlying agenda as an anti-parent crusade, and adds that the much-cited Murray Straus "research" is far less clear-cut than the claims made on its behalf by "anti-smacking zealots" like the egregious Penelope Leach. It's refreshing to have a spanking page of the intelligentsia saying these things. The Beano A Cardiff newspaper attempts Jan to put a Welsh gloss on the legendary weekly boys' comic, which of course was equally popular in England and actually published in Scotland.

Refers to Dennis the Menace -- a strip launched init says here; I'd always assumed it dated from the s -- and the "inevitable slippering from Dad" that usually came in the last panel. The writer of this piece, who is no doubt too young to know, seems to think the Beano's heyday was the s; I'd say it was at least 20 years earlier than that. Nooks and crannies Still on the subject of the Beano see itema letterwriter to the London Guardian found some old copies of it in the attic and expresses amazement at the amount of parental slippering shown.

Was the slipper, she asks, really used so commonly in UK homes, and, if so, was the Beano responsible or was it just reflecting society at the time? Corporal Punishment September 98 Part of a site called "The Underwater Crypt", whose author makes a point of questioning conventional wisdoms. He pokes some fun at the currently fashionable "experts". At the bottom of the is a nice animated cartoon with sound! He spanking page added a wise footnote on the campaign to ban parental CP in the UK.

Smacking: orientations, situations and justifications Part of a research paper, Disciplining children: Research with parents in Scotlandpublished by the Scottish government. Most parents are ambivalent, with support greater amongst the working class. Discipline: to spank or not to spank? A website devoted to Home Education in the UK attempts to reconcile polarised views. Right to Smack? A Christian Defence of Corporal Punishment Christian Discipline in the Home Documents from the Northern Ireland "Society for the Promotion of Reformation in Government", an extremist Presbyterian group, which tells us that "the administration of corporal punishment is a definite Christian duty".

Make Kids Great Again New! Picture of paddles bearing this slogan, apparently available for family use. Academic paper about measuring attitudes to parental CP. Correlation does not mean causation, otherwise one might just as well "conclude that moving spanking page Florida makes people develop Alzheimer's". Parental spankings in Kansas are recalled. The Bridge: A Return to Tough Love A black columnist says permissiveness has gone too far, and maintains that "ass-beatings saved my life". Preston, presents a whole website of several s explaining spanking page spanking is needed and countering the views of the anti-spank "experts".

As he says, "we have allowed the anti-spanking movement to shape the debate", and it is time for parents to fight back. He makes commonsense suggestions about how and when to spank. Refreshingly, all this is based on pragmatic considerations, not religious ones, and he also doesn't exclude spanking older teens when they need it. Spanking mad Long and thorough article in Salon. When, the author wonders, did a swat on the bum become child abuse? Use the Rod, Spoil the Child Is corporal punishment the proper way to nurture moral character?

No, says this article in Sojourners Magazine April On not sparing the rod A Christian viewpoint on the merits of spanking for young children. Bob Surgenor videos Ohio's indefatigable pro-spanking campaigner presents a whole string of video clips. Woodshed Definitions at the Urban Dictionary. See definitions 4 and 6.

Parenting and Home Discipline Somewhat rambling article, from a Nigerian Christian point of view The author is "a firm believer in the use of spanking as a disciplinary measure". The minister was acquitted of assault. The writer agrees with the jury. Bob Jennings' World o' Racing This about motor racing mentions, apropos of nothing in particular, that racing driver Jack Hewitt was seen spanking his young son in the pits in The author opines that if he did that now he would be arrested. It uses a purely fictional and rather far-fetched case of parental CP to consider some of the legal issues.

He claims to have been misunderstood, and that he's not really all that much in favour of parental spanking after all. In particular, he thinks biblical references to "the rod" were only ever meant metaphorically, and should not be taken to mean CP specifically. He just doesn't believe it's an area where the government should interfere.

Boy getting spanked, kids looking on Here you can buy a painting of this title from by Angus Peter MacDonall. Spare the quarter-inch plumbing supply line, spoil the child Extremely long article in Salon. Labor laws and personal beliefs collide An illustrated piece from the Seattle Times July about a Christian fundamentalist who employs his sons, aged 12 and 15 picturedin his construction business.

The state does not approve. He's also been in trouble over spanking page punishment when he was running a homeless shelter, so presumably these boys got their fair share of spankings. Spare the Rod? New Research Challenges Spanking Critics New URL paper by the Family Research Council points out that many "studies" fail to distinguish between "appropriate spanking" and "kicking, punching and beating" and thus arrive the false conclusion that all disciplinary spanking is harmful. A more recent note from the Family Research Council see item.

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As someone remarked in the site's Guest Book now disappearedthis should get the humourless anti-spanking brigade wonderfully riled up. Parents, Politics And The Breakdown Of The Family Article July by a novelist, Timothy Stelly, who argues that children need fathers to be around, as well as mothers, and they also need discipline. The anti-spanking law in Sweden is described as a failed experiment. Fellowship Baptist Church: Rebellion "God deed chastisement as the proper force to be used by parents to control the rebellion of their children", according to this Texas-based spanking page.

The document goes into detail about exactly how to do the chastising, including the dimensions of different sizes of dowel rods for different ages of children. You are recommended to stop in between each set of three swats to "give the child a chance to surrender". Old Order Mennonites The Mennonites in question are German-speaking, fundamentalist Protestants living in rural New York State who routinely use corporal punishment on their children.

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