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By DanNovember 20, in Controversial. There are people who religiously believe that it possible for a women's orgasm to produce what some describe as a waterfall of excitement squirt forum better known as squirting. There appears to always be some kind of research being conducted regarding whether its a real thing or not. After some fact checking is clear that, still to this date, researches can't make up their mind, about this little known phenomenon. It isn't real all it is a women giving you a golden shower lol.

I just dont feel right replying to this post. But well lets just be more open minded haha. The answer to your question is Yes, Dan. Female ejaculation is characterized as an expulsion of fluid from or near the vaginaduring or before an orgasm. It is also known colloquially as squirting or gushing. But there are times when it feels more like a session of golden shower tho so its better to squirt forum it back instead. My oh my did I love making her squirt Thanks dan for creating this.

I was not sure that this type of topic really isn't against the TOS or not. It's real, but in porn a lot of it is just getting full on water until they have to pee to fake it, just like porn likes to fake a lot of things. Still looks "hella" good as fuck tho haha Hopefully one day I can experience what it's like to squirt lol. Some chicks think when they are about to squirt they mistake it as a peeing sensation and hold it back, just lay down some of Etude's blanks on the bed or wherever and just let go and see what happens, squirt will excite errrbody in the room even the people watching.

Guys are stupid, they won't know the difference, they will just be excited that you exploded like they do, but i guess it has to be with someone that you feel comfortable with so that you can be relaxed and in the moment. I can't wait to give my flower away, but i have to wait until marriage lol Very interesting. Go ahead. Well based on my experience squirt forum pretty real, but I think what's shown on most adult sites are way too overrated, it's almost close to being fake cause I don't think a girl can squirt that much lol but maybe I'm wrong, I don't know I just witnessed it around five to six times in my 22 years of existence.

Yes it's a real thing and it may surprise you the first time if the girl didn't warned you But with time i had found the perfect solution :. Very funny. I think you guy's can tell the difference when your pissing or when you're ejaculating out the end of your dick right? Oh guys you make me laugh so much. Hello everyone.

Squirting is real. It's very strange and hard to explain, but it's really happening sometimes. However, it all depends on the certain woman and her sensitivity. My actual girlfriend was not sensitive at all, and it was very complicated to make her achieve an orgasm. She wasn't getting a lot of pleasure from the sexual intercourse in general, and we decided to fix it somehow. It's an injection, which is commonly called "The O-Shot".

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After this procedure our sexual life has changed a lot. It's very easy to achieve an orgasm for her, and she is squirting pretty often. I have no idea what liquid it is, but she gets a lot of pleasure. You have never met a woman that squirted on you? What kind of man are you? Restore formatting. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Squirt forum as a link instead. Clear editor. or insert images from URL. Share More sharing options Followers 0. Reply to this topic Start new topic.

Featured Comment. Forum Admin. Dan Posted November 20, Posted November 20, So I ask you this Is it real? What is it? Have you witnessed it? Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options SuddenlyBroke and ameobi Haha Loading HappyBitcoin Posted November 20, Furlicious Posted November 20, Shaniqua Posted November 21, Posted November 21, Its real alright Well, seems it'll going to be an interesting topic.

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Will follow this one for sure. Waiting for your experiences gals. Share with us some. GodLoft Posted November 21, Hurtin' For A Squirtin' lol It's real, but in porn a lot of it is just getting full on water until they have to pee to fake it, just like porn likes to fake a lot of things.

Kargai Posted November 21, SuddenlyBrokesbourgeoisFurlicious and 2 others Haha Loading Squirt forum and SuddenlyBroke Haha Loading Posted January 21, Furlicious Posted October 6, Posted October 6, DeadCoin Posted October 14, Posted October 14, Raptor Posted October 17, Posted October 17, Sixtycents Posted January 17, Posted January 17, Jdagger Posted October 3, Posted October 3, The only squirting Ive seen is tears of joy when I win at Dice. Dan Posted October 29, Author Forum Admin. Posted October 29, I'm convinced its just pee btw.

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Posted November 5, Are you kidding man? Of course it's real. Posted November 28,

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