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Dear Other Dad —. My wife and I discovered that our year-old son was looking at gay porn on the internet. When we took his computer, we also found nude selfies he and another boy had sent to each other. My wife freaked out. Typically, however, after my head explodes, I force myself to take a few deep breaths and start dealing with the real. The reality here is that your adolescent son is already exploring sex and he is influenced by porn.

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Discomfiting or not, both things are very common. Dealing with the real means talking with him about all of it. As for me, I was a devoutly religious boy and still spent a good part of the summer I was 12 literally in a closet with another boy, equally religious, discovering what our bodies could get up to. Since you know your son has been active, you should be talking to him about sexual safety and all that it entails: emotional health, physical health, STIs, consent, and personal agency. If you have who like many boys is not chatty, he might not be excited to be having these talks, but do persevere, maybe in small doses at a time.

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Try to focus on what he needs to hear versus what you wish he could get by with which will always be less. He may not understand that porn is not very realistic and may think sex should or must look like what he finds there. Sex in porn often does not involve consent, and it may not highlight safe sex practices including condom use.

It suggests that sex looks a certain way; certain positions and practices are portrayed as defaults, without regard to intimacy, trust, or personal comfort. Like the rest of the media, porn aggrandizes certain features and measures worth by physical standards. And if he treats porn as real sex ed, he may find that it le to an unfulfilling sex life as he gets older.

For those under 18, sharing any photo of genitalia runs afoul of federal statutes against child pornography. It is not only the senders who are affected; receiving but not deleting the images counts as possession in the eyes of the law. That is true even if the photos do not show sexual activity and even when the subject is oneself.

Fortunately, if teen dick pic parties involved are both minors close in age, the federal government is only likely to get involved if the images cross state lines; prosecution is mostly left to the states. Each state has its own rules that affect minors who share such images, with penalties ranging from fines to juvenile detention or actual prison sentences. In certain states, a year-old may be charged as an adult and face adult sentencing as a result.

Some officials are reluctant to prosecute consensual sharing of images between teens but others enforce the letter of the law. With the risks in mind, ask your child to consider all of the possible ramifications for themselves, the others involved, and even their families. Set the kind of boundaries that you would around anything illegal for their age; i. Ask them to delete any received images immediately and, if the text is unwanted, to let you know so you may help them decide what to do about it. But consider your recent discoveries a blessing: it is so much better to be in the know than in the dark.

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Teen dick pic

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