Whats a pawg

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Pawg stands for phat ass white girl. In this context, phat is an alternative slang spelling for fat. The first Urban Dictionary entry for pawg is dated July 29, Another entry was created on April 11, with almost identical content.

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Phat is a word finds its roots in African American slang, and so it makes sense that it would be included in the spelled-out version of pawg because the latter has similar origins. The word pawg began to gain more attention around the end of and the beginning of Since then, pawg has been a popular hashtag on tweets advertising sexual services or imagery.

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Pawg is typically used in self-description or in advertisements for porn. The term often appears as a tag on social media to advertise sexual imagery. Any content that includes the word pawg always has a woman with a large butt. The word itself is used to play up the particular features that the woman possesses. Pawg may also appear in the context of interracial relationships.

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Pawgs often feature in porn that includes a black man and a white woman. This defies some commonly-held stereotypes, one of which is that white women usually have flat butts.

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What is the world coming to Pawgs are smacking black guys on the ass now? No wonder you told me you can walk the streets of downtown Philadelphia and see white girls with phat asses all over the place, no wonder all you guys were telling me there's white girls with PHAT asses all over Europe, it all makes sense now. Bubble booties like black or Latina gals.

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Popular now. Who uses pawg? Note This is not meant to be a formal definition of pawg like most terms we define on Dictionary.

Whats a pawg

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The Meaning of PAWG: What It Is and How To Use It